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 College Student Program

Dr. Lien Le and Dr. Peter Monaghan are co-owners of this dental practice, located conveniently close to the Evanston campus of Northwestern University. On Davis Street in Evanston, the office resides between the Davis Street Metra and CTA stations, making it convenient for public transportation users. With parking garages found to the East on Benson Avenue and to the North on Maple Avenue, close-by paid public parking is available. Nearby, on-street parking is also available but not guaranteed. It is just a short walk or bike trip from Northwestern University’s Main Campus.

Direct Dental Care

Direct Dental Care is available to any college or university students who are NOT covered by a dental insurance plan. For people who have minimal dental needs, this is the most economical form of dental care.  It is best described as a student discount-membership program and it is NOT an insurance plan.  An annual fee is required which includes two (2) periodic examinations, one (1) set of four (4) bitewing radiographs and two (2) prophylaxes.  For any other procedures, a discount of 20% from our usual and customary fees is charged.  The current membership cost is $300.00 and the current summary of fees of the included procedures is $390.00, which is a $90.00 savings.  We extend this to the student’s spouse, children over age 12 and children under age 12 receive the 20% discount from our usual and customary fees.

This program provides a cost-conscious, pay-as-you-go alternative to dental insurance plans for students who want the most basic preventive care and, if needed, the option of available advanced dental treatment.  At every examination, the doctors will determine any dental-related needs and present them to the patient with associated fees.  If the patient decides to have the proposed treatment done, the cost is 80% of the current fee.  If the patient wishes to have the procedure done in another facility, radiographs and findings will be sent to another office of the patient’s choosing and/or to the patient for future use.  Electronic mail is preferred. 

This program exists because Dr. Le and Dr. Pete remember when they were students and feel minimum care of high quality should be available to students.  They also believe the next level of care should be optional for emergent, urgent, routine or elective needs.  Direct Dental Care serves these purposes well and is a success for those who have found it. The Doctors wish to expand it to more students who would find it convenient for their needs during the time they complete their educations.  Many of former enrollees who have remained in this area after graduation have retained Sherman Dental Associates as their current dental care provider.